Amazon SES SMTP Sender

Simple, but powerful!

HTML Email Delivery Tool for Professionals


No installing! Run from command line

Preparing process take about 5 minutes! Settings file, EML and HTML part templates, Recipients file - that's all.


Multithreading engine, EML and HTML part template engine See...


Windows, Linux, Freebsd, Mac

You may select version for Win64, Win32, Linux, Freebsd or Mac.


Amazon SES SMTP Sender helps you easy send HTML marketing emails to many recipients throw Amazon SES Service.

Preparing Process

Open AmazonSESender settings file. Enter Your Amazon SES Smtp server name, Your Amazon SES Access Key ID, Secret Access Key and verified email addresse for From header.

Edit, if need, eml template settings

Open and edit, if need, eml template file

Edit Email Marketing Campaign settings:
Campaign_ID - Your own ID for Campaign, assigned by {{.Campaign_ID}};
Campaign_From_Email - Your Amazon SES verified email, assigned by {{.Campaign_From_Email}};
Campaign_From_Name - Your Company Name, assigned by {{.Campaign_From_Name}};
Campaign_Unsubscribe_Email - Your Unsubscribe email, assigned by {{.Campaign_Unsubscribe_Email}};
Campaign_Url_Domain - Your own parameter, assigned by {{.Campaign_Url_Domain}}
Campaign_Unsubscribe_Domain - Your own parameter, assigned by {{.Campaign_Unsubscribe_Domain}}.

You may define any amount additional parameters in Settings file: Parameter_Name = Parameter_Value, assigned in Eml and Html Templates by {{.Parameter_Name}}.

Open eml subject file and enter text for email subject header of Your Email Marketing Campaign;
it's assigned in Eml and Html Templates by {{.Campaign_Subject_Native}}

Open HTML template file, insert HTML code of your newsletter and add parameters from Settings file;
{{.Recipient_Hash}} - is MD5 Hash of Recipient email.

That's all with templates! See Sending Process...

Sending Process

Load subscribers emails to text file "_ToSend.txt".

Edit, if need, Sender_Work_Threads parameter

Run AmazonSESender from command line.

Get processed recipients list.


Select Your platform version, make settings as above, and start in demo mode. In demo mode You can not sending emails, only emulate it!

But you can check "test.eml" file in same folder, open it by default email client program and see what you sending!

Windows Download

Linux Download

Freebsd Download


In Demo mode You can not sending emails, only emulate it! Purchase License key for email or domain (You must enter that email or domain in pay processing form) and type this key to "__settings.file" as below.

You can purchase license key for one verified sending email or for whole sending domain! After purchasing, you can not change licensed email or domain!

License key you get by email in 24 hours after purchasing!